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C.W. 08/12/22

Hello Richard,  Hurray ! Card arrived just now -- @ 2 Pm . So,----I can get it sent off today.  Many many thanks. Kindest regards & every good wish.

R.R. 07/12/22

Dear Richard and Tonia, Thank you very much for your speedy response and just to let you know that the envelope has arrived safely today. Kind regards.

N.S. 07/12/22

Dear Richard, The cards arrived at a neighbours yesterday and I collected them this morning. Thank you for chasing it up and I can only imagine how difficult it is for a business that relies on postal/courier companies at the moment. The Christmas cards are absolutely lovely. It is always a joy knowing that the people I send them to will appreciate the designs and the quality. I found your company in 2020 when I wanted to buy cards and couldn't shop. I googled cards then flicked down to about page 10 as I wanted to use a small company. I spotted your company, looked at your cards and I have never looked back. Thank you and Happy Christmas. Best wishes.

J.H. 06/12/22

Hi Richard and Tonia, Just to let you know your replacement package was waiting for me when I got home from work. Thank you so much for that. I really do appreciate it. Goodness knows what happened to the original package ??? If by any chance it should turn up here (although after this amount of time I doubt it!) I will make it right with you. Thank you again. I love browsing your website. You really do have the best cards (especially, for me, Lucy Grossmith ❤️) Your.

J.B. 05/12/22

Hi Richard, Thank you for the update from Evri.  Let’s just hope that the calendar might turn up. Thank you also for the refund.  The missing parcel is completely out of your control.  I must congratulate you on your customer service and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your company. Regards.

G.T. 05/12/22

They have arrived.  Lovely unusual cards. Many thanks.

J.B. 03/12/22

My advent calendar arrived today. It’s so lovely! Thanks so much for your efforts to get it to me. Best wishes.

N.G. 03/12/22

Dear Richard & Tonia, Thank you so much for your quick response .. so appreciated. I am happy to report that the cards were delivered earlier today so thank you again for your excellent service. Kind regards.

E.H. 03/12/22

Being disabled your card selection is just amazing, for me Accessible, great choice and affordable orders dealt with so efficiently, thank you and Christmas greetings to the whole team and best wishes for a great year ahead.

C.D. 02/12/22

Thank you, Richard, Christmas best wishes to you and all the Orchard Cards team.

P.B. 02/12/22

They have arrived in record time. Thank you.

S.S 02/12/22

A lost delivery to a third party. Orchardcards left no stone unturned until it was found and re secured for correct small boy awaiting his late Advent Calendar! First Class Customer Service! Thank you.

C.K. 26/11/22

Dear Richard, The cards have safely arrived, well in time for Christmas. I love the cards. I always try to find nice or unusual Christmas cards, preferably from the UK and if possible charity cards. I am always praised for my cards so I must be doing allright! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a happy successfull 2023 in good health. Best wishes.

J.T. 24/11/22

Hi Richard, Just letting you know parcel arrived today and the advent calendar’s are awesome !  Will just need to keep air conditioning on to stop chocolates melting ???? Thank you so much , see you again next year. Kind regards.

H.F. 23/11/22

Hi Richard, Thanks very much for sorting this out so quickly. Very much appreciated.

L.D. 23/11/22

Morning Richard, Thank you so much for your help and consideration.  It is very much appreciated. Kindest regards.

S.W. 22/11/22

Excellent service. Sorted out a returned order (wrong address due to my careless typing) speedily and re-sent the package immediately to arrive next day. Will be my first port of call for cards in the future and I will recommend to others.

A.B. 22/11/22

Dear Richard & Tonia, Hope you are both keeping well. Well, another year and another advent calendar order – what would I do without you for traditional advent calendars?? Once again your choice is top notch and delivery/packaging is always first class. Look forward to receiving it again. Kind Regards.

S.S. 19/11/22

This is a stunningly efficient service. The Advent calendars are beautiful and despatched in record-quick time and the family running the service is charming and always helpful.

A.B. 18/11/22

Hello, Further to our telephone conversation yesterday re the non-arrival of our order,  the advent calendar has arrived today via Hermes - wonderful service from them and from you and a definite black mark to Royal Mail! Thank you so much. I’ve had a look at your website and you have some beautiful cards so when we get back from our trip to see our family in the New Year I will be ordering more. Regards.

C.W. 18/11/22

Arrived and perfect thanks so much.

V.L. 17/11/22

Thanks one again for your brilliant service. The advent calendars I ordered on Tuesday arrived yesterday. Kind Regards

R.W. 16/11/22

Thank you for the envelopes. Rest assured that I will remain a regular customer.  ????

P.M. 15/11/22

This is a super company, the owner going above and beyond to be helpful in the most pleasant way. The prices are fair, their own range of very good value. There is care and quality with the packaging. I thoroughly recommend them and have really appreciated your help.

S.L. 12/11200

i ordered some advent calendars from you on the phone and they arrived if not the next day, the day after. wonderful. Thank you so much.

M.E. 12/11/22

A donation it will be, I will make a donation to MABS, a favoured charity here, who offer support to cancer sufferers. Younger daughter, actually an adopted grand daughter - confusing ? - tells me that our grand daughter, in generation terms a great grand D, is looking forward to assembling the three D house card which looks like it will be fabulous. Will be ordering again next year, Regards.

S.H. 10/11/22

I am delighted with the advent calendars I ordered on Tuesday and which arrived on Wednesday. Thank you for the very efficient service. Yours.

A.W. 10/11/22

Always first class personal service and absolutely beautiful cards. Thank you so much

Macks 10/11/22

Thank you so much for emailing!  I hadn't even thought this far ahead so you have saved me.  Just placed an order :)

J.P. 08/11/22

Dear Orchard Cards, It is thoughtful and generous of you to refund the postage cost of one item as you were able to place two in the one package. I am thrilled with the calendar (and card) and hope to find an excuse to shop with your company again. Yours sincerely.

C.R. 08/11/22

Thanks so much for the update - I thought it might be the Royal Mail - really hoping they sort it soon. Best.

S.M. 07/11/22

Dear Richard, Thank you so much for your reply - I certainly didn't expect one. I remember last year I also had some trouble and rang the number and a very kind gentleman sorted out my advent calendar and sent it direct to my Godchild who received it the next day.  So kind and so efficient. I will certainly look for other cards as well - when I have a moment. Many thankyous again, Good wishes.

S.J. 07/11/22

Dear Richard, Thank you for your email and for letting me know about checkout problems that have occurred, it was good of you to contact me. On this occasion it was my fault, I was in the middle of choosing cards when I had to deal with something and got side tracked, sorry about that. I checked out the basket from my account on Saturday night and had to approve the transaction in my bank's app, the transaction looks to have gone through smoothly though. I'd heard about the new FCA rules but not about the frustrating problems some people have been having so thanks for the link to the article, it's useful information to have. It's nice to be able to shop at a family business, I love the website and the great choice of cards, no one else comes close in my opinion. Thanks again for contacting me and apologies for taking so long to reply to your email. Kind regards.

J.M. 05/11/22

Lovely cards & very speedy delivery.  Thank you.

E.B. 04/11/22

That is very kind if you. Refereshingly good customer service.  If both parcels arrive I will let you know and you can take a second payment...Best wishes

P.S. 29/10/22

Thank you so much for your very prompt delivery.  Way less than 24 hours, must be a record.  Will be spreading the word. Regard.

F.B. 28/10/22

Hello, Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and for sending out another calendar. I hope this one arrives ok as it really is beautiful and is going to make a lovely present! Many Thanks

S.C. 12/10/22

Thank you for the speedy delivery of my order..really good sevice.

C.G. 11/10/22

Dear Richard and Tonia, You are welcome, I usually purchase cards that are more expensive however was very pleased with the quality and the design choice, of the Green Label cards, I have a passion for cards that catch the eye and enjoy sending to friends and family they never know what to expect! Can I ask you will you continue to have Molly Brett cards after the festive season, I do like her illustrations which are magical so would be interested in other choices in the future. I look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards.

C.G. 11/10/22

This is my first order with Orchard cards and I am delighted with the care taken in packaging the cards which arrived this morning, the cards are good quality, I would not hesitate to order again, other companies should take note!

J.D. 04/10/22

My latest order arrived today. I just wanted to say how lovely your cards always are. Such good quality and beautiful designs. Thank you very much for your wonderful service too.

C.F. 03/10/22

I have had several of your cards over recent months and want to say how beautiful they are. I was delighted with the lovely illustrations and colours. As i was looking for cards that were different they are perfect. Love your little personal message too. Thenk you

P.C. 29/9/22

Hello helpful lady at Orchard Cards, Thank you for processing my order quickly so that it has arrived this morning.  I can ignore the two days of Royal Mail action and still have time to get the anniversary card in the post for my brother and sister-in-law on 6th October!

M.C. 29/09/22

Cards received this morning - all fine.  Excellent service - thank you!

M.C. 28/09/22

Thank you for your help.  All sorted and order placed.

A.T. 23/09/22

Beautiful cards and a large variety of subjects, fast delivery, easy web site to navigate.

M.Y. 22/09/22

My order has arrived & as always, I am very pleased with the cards I chose. Thank you. Kind regards.

J.S. 15/09/22

Dear Richard and Tonia, Thank you for your message. It is so very kind of you to have sent a replacement for my order today. I shall do as instructed regarding the return of the missing item. Thank you again for your assistance. Kind regards.

C.G. 13/09/22

Dear Orchard Cards, That is amazing! Thank you so much for the very speedy delivery of your delightful and good value cards. Best wishes.

R.W. 06/09/22

Dear Richard, Thank you very much for your help.I shall try again today.

A.S 04/09/22

Thank you so much for dealing with this so promptly - especially on a Sunday. Not a problem - these things happen from time to time. Best wishes.

J.M. 01/09/22

Thank you for the beautiful  cards which arrived  very speedily despite the Bank  Holiday  and the postal  strikes. Xx

L.L. 23/08/22

Safely received today in A 1 condition. Thank you for the prompt attention. Kind Regards.

E.F. 16/08/22

Thank you for such a warm, kind and friendly reply. I hope all is well with you. Best wishes

A.W. 11/08/22

I ordered these beautiful cards on Wednesday afternoon and received them on Thursday morning!! Unbelievable service. Thank you so much.

C.G. 10/08/22

Thank you so much Richard for the Strawberries card that arrived this morning . I will have no hesitation in ordering from you again...also I will continue to highly recommend you. Thanks again.

R.P. 06/08/22

Excellent service, good quality and reasonably priced cards, thank you.

C.G. 01/08/22

I found you in lock down and have had several orders from you over two years. I’ve never been disappointed… thank you,

M.S. 01/08/22

Thank you so much.

J.T. 27/07/22

Dear Richard, Thank you very much, it is very kind and understanding of you. I have since ordered, and received, the correct anniversary card from you! You told me that your wife chooses the cards and I would like say, again, what a great selection you have and to thank her. With best wishes to you both.

Z.S. 27/0/22

Hi Richard, thanks so much for your reply and for letting me know.  It really is a pleasure buying from and dealing with Orchard Cards - not something I often say! but it's so important to appreciate good service, not least because its not exactly in abundance at the moment! Kind regards.

M.S. 2607/22

Dear Richard and Tonia, There’s no need to feel embarrassed as this kind of failure with the internet is a regular occurrence in the Scottish Borders. When my payment finally went through there was no rhyme or reason as to why the card was accepted. Looking forward to receiving my lovely cards. With best wishes.

J.S. 21/07/22

I can’t tell you how lovely it is to open the well packaged envelope and look at the cards I have chosen for my dear friends and family. I tend to buy in splurges when gaps occur in my birthday book. This time I also thought to get in a few Christmas cards as well. I imagine the faces of everyone when they open one of your wonderful selection and it makes me feel very happy!

J.E. 21/07/22

I have bought cards from Orchard Cards for about 3 years. I am never disappointed with the first class selection and I get as much pleasure from deciding which to buy, as I do sending them. I have, on occcasion, bought a card or two just to keep for myself !

P.S. 18/07/22

Thank you again.

S.D. 18/07/22

Many thanks, your good customer service is much appreciated!

A.B. 16/07/22

Dear Richard, Thank you for your message. Sorry I couldn't help uncover the mystery of the gremlins. The cards arrived today, thank you, which is a near miracle, as we often don't get post on a Saturday in the wilds of Somerset. Best wishes.

J.D. 11/07/22

Richard, Thank you very much for your prompt action. Yes we’re all OK thank you.  Not sure when we’ll get back to the UK for a visit.  There seem to be too many travel complications at the moment. Thank you once again.  I’m pleased we managed to find a solution to getting cards over here. Kind regards.

C.M. 22/06/22

Thank you for your SUPER service.  We received the cards yesterday! Regards.

N.H. 22/06/22

Orchard Cards - amazing as always despite the strike my cards delivered the next day - exceptional quality and value. You have never let me down. Thank you from Anglesey.

J.A. 20/06/22

Thank you for your help I obviously pressed the right button this time. Kind regards.

J.W. 20/06/22

Thank you so much for your help in sorting out my payment. I look forward to buying more of your excellent cards in the future.

P.L. 04/06/22

Just love your web site cards . I can always find just the right card for any occasion , the selection is excellent , thank you.

D.D. 31/05/22

Thank you once again, for your prompt service and beautiful cards. They are such a pleasure to receive.

J.D. 17/05/22

Hello Richard, thank you for your email (it's not an intrusion). I'm just pleased that your system flagged up a problem. Sorry it’s taken me a while to reply, but things have been a bit hectic lately. As you know, it's a problem to have cards delivered directly to Spain now, so I thought, as our friend was visiting us, I'd have the cards sent to him for him to bring out.  However, the problem I had was that the system wouldn't let me put my Billing Address as Spain to be consistent with my credit card details. Unfortunately, it then all got too difficult and with time marching on, the cards would probably not have reached David's address before he left home. I am still very keen to have the cards, but I will just have to wait until I have another visitor from the UK. At that time, I will try ordering again.  So, I hope my basket will keep the cards on hold for me, but just in case, I did take a snapshot of the order, so I won't need to start again completely from scratch.  If I have any problems, I will phone you and see if we can process an order over the phone.  As you say, Brexit has set us back 30 years! Kind regards.

A.F. 31/5/22

Just received my order and want to say that the cards are as lovely as usual, great quality and price with very prompt delivery. You are my first go to place for good quality cards. Thank you.

A.M. 24/05/22

Beautiful cards. Charles Tunnicliffe my absolute favourite. Thank you.

Z.S. 13/05/22

Hi Richard, you didn't need to go to the trouble of refunding me 34p! I'm sorry, I've never quite remember how your points scheme works. No worries then, thanks a lot anyway, I look forward to receiving all the lovely cards. Kind regards.

S.W. 12/05/22

Thank you for your assistance, I’ve re-ordered. I’ll be more careful next time! Just to say your service is always so prompt and efficient and cards are lovely and good value.

L.C. 12/05/22

Brilliant, personal, friendly service - recommended…

S.G. 12/05/22

This is just to say how pleased I was with the cards.  The Beehive & Alliums card is really outstanding with its lovely, delicate colours.  I’m glad I stocked up on it!

J.S. 30/04/22

I am absolutely amazed that my card order was delivered this morning. This is truly excellent service.  The cards are, as usual, beautiful and of high quality.

A.W. 14/04/22

Just wanted to let you know the cards I ordered from you yesterday arrived this morning!  What lovely cards, great quality and price. Will certainly order from you again and recommend you to friends.  Have a lovely Easter.

J.R. 25/04/22

I have just received my first order. 1000052452. Thank you the cards are really nice. Sadly one card "Unexpected Item in bagging area" came without an envelope. Please can you send one? - Of course, will do so immediately OC.

J.M. 20/04/22

Thank you for my  order which has just arrived.  Your  service is most efficient and the Green Label cards are of an exceptional quality and value.

A.H. 08/04/22

Thank you for the super-quick service!

K.S. 07/04/22

Fantastic service! Thank you.

M.S. 05/04/22

Thank you, lovely cards, very good selection to choose from, very prompt delivery. Recommended to friends.

D.S. 30/03/22

First Class Service, easy to use website, fantastic variety of cards.  Thank you so much.

S.R 28/03/22

A quick email to thank you for such the super cards and very efficient service that you have provided for us. You were a lifeline through the height of the lockdowns in ensuring that all generations of our family and friends received cards and knew they were being thought about on days of celebration and, sometimes, sadly commiseration.  We do hope that you have all weathered this strange two years and will continue to flourish.

A.W. 10/03/22

Wonderful cards - many quite unique - and received the day after they were ordered! I can’t praise them highly enough.

R.F. 05/03/22

Thank you very much for such a quick , efficient delivery , ordered Friday received Saturday absolutely brilliant!

S.N. 02/03/22

Thank you for the brilliant service, cards arrived this morning.

S.B. 27/02/22

Thank you so much for your speedy and great dispatch of my order - excellent service which is much appreciated.

A.W. 23/02/22

Thank you for the beautiful cards which, as always, arrived very promptly.

F.H. 12/02/22

I just wanted to thank you for my order which arrived this morning, after only ordering late yesterday afternoon.  I shall be recommending your prompt service!!

L.M. 11/02/22

Thank you...much appreciated. Have been buying from Orchard Cards for many years and this is the first time I have had a "small" problem. Always excellent service. Thank you again.

V.N. 11/02/22

Very many thanks for your help with the password problem and for dispatching the order so promptly. Just received this morning. A lovely selection.

J.O. 11/02/22

I would just like to say thank you for your great service. I found you when we were in lockdown and I have always had brilliant service so a big thank you xx

J.F. 10/02/22

I am back in Scotland for a few weeks so I thought that I would take the chance to order some cards before I head back to France.  You have some lovely new cards.

J.M. 10/02/22

Thank you for such excellent  service. The cards are brilliant and very reasonably  priced. I shall be ordering  again soon. 

G. 08/02/22

I use Orchard Cards all the time, can't beat the selection of cards, the quality of the cards and the delivery if fast and fantastic, Thanks Orchard, keep up the excellent work.

J.H. 06/02/22

Quality was excellent just as i had hoped. Delivered very quickly . Very good shopping experience. Thank you

J.M. 04/02/22

I ordered cards late yesterday afternoon and received them in todays post. Thank you Orchard Cards. What good service.

B.H. 04/02/22

All received this morning!  Thank you again for your prompt service.

R.C. 01/02/22

The cards that I ordered fairly late yesterday afternoon have arrived with the postman this morning. This is the second time this has happened … and I have only ordered from you twice! Just wanted to say, exceptional service, thank you!

B.T. 21/01/22

My cards have just arrived!!! Cannot believe how quickly they have been delivered ... excellent service. As usual the cards are beautiful ... thank you very much.

R.B. 20/01/22

I received my cards yesterday, great cards for the money, prompt delivery. I've found my new card 'shop' recommended to my daughter.

T.E. 18/01/22

I just wanted to let you know, that I received my first order from you today. I cannot express how pleased I am , the cards are lovely, & your service is amazing. I will definitely be ordering from you again, & I will recommend you to my friends, & family.

C.J. 18/01/22

Your cards arrived this morning! And they are even lovelier than they look on the website. Beautiful quality. So thank you so much again and I look forward to using your website in the future.

J.M. 15/01/22

Thank you so much Orchard Cards. The order arrived today, I can’t believe it.  How speedy & efficient. Amazing.

W.G. 08/01/22

I just want to say how delighted I am with Orchard cards! Beautiful high quality cards and a great range. I am also delighted that many do not seem to have glitter or other things which are bad for our environment. Orchard cards is now the first place I look for my cards and I buy a batch for the following 6 months.

S.M-S. 31/12/21

You've done it again - less than 24 hours between ordering and receiving my cards!  Thank you so much.

B.H. 23/12/21

Just a quick “thank you” from me for my cards which have just arrived. Prompt service and lovely cards.

L.E. 18/12/21

Just to say thank you again for the prompt delivery of your excellent cards - am delighted with them as usual.

J.H. 15/12/21

Thank you so much for the very prompt delivery of my recent orders and for kindly putting the two together and refunding one of my postage charges.  Your kindness and courtesy are very much appreciated.

F.F. 13/12/21

It really is a pleasure ordering from you - I appreciate your warmth and therefore, care.

J.W. 11/12/21

Thanks for your message. Your cards have arrived and are as I hoped, beautiful and memorable. I used to collect Mollie Brett postcards and the images still catch at my heart. I send her cards to my remaining family members, who are old enough to appreciate them.

R. 10/12/21

A wide selection of lovely cards, at great value, and fantastic customer service as they arrived the very next day!

C.G. 08/12/21

The cards arrived safely this morning. Thank you they are lovely. Such excellent service, as always.

A.D.B. 07/12/21

Beautiful looking cards,  please keep me on your mailing list.

S.M-S. 03/12/21

Wow! I ordered by tea time and I have received them well before lunch the next day. Really fantastic service, thank you so much.

F.B. 07/12/21

Many thanks for the cards received today. I’m delighted with them. Looking forward to more Molly Brett in the new year. Have a great Christmas.

C.T. 05/12/21

Very pleased with all my dealings with Orchard Cards. Fast and efficient service and beautiful cards. So beautiful I don't want to part with them!

I.D. 02/12/21

Thank you so very much for your impressive (of all companies,)  and most efficient delivery of my order I've ever had from anywhere !!! I ordered last evening and cards were there in the post this morning . Will be with you again and again as your cards are quality and of impressive variety that I will be back.

B.D. 02/12/21

These cards are really well thought out and beautifully designed. Certainly different with regards to other seasonal cards. Thank you.

J.T. 15/11/21

Thanks so much for the hasty delivery!

K.H. 11/11/21

What amazing service as I received the Christmas cards today (the day after ordering)!  

B.T. 10/11/21

Many thanks. My cards arrived a couple of days after shipment. Delighted with them.

J. 07/11/21

I have been a customer of Orchard Cards for the last few years. The cards are beautiful and such good quality. The customer service is excellent and faultless. Delivery is amazingly quick. I cannot rate you highly enough. Thank you for your great service.

J.S. 04/11/21

The cards arrived safely this morning, thank you.  They are all beautiful and of extremely high quality, as usual. I particularly like the fact that these are so different from those on sale in the shops. And well done for not using plastic of cellophane wrapping.

J.Mc. 28/10/21

Have just spent an hour, fascinated by your lovely site. Fabulous collection of cards. Have bought 20 more than I meant to!

J.M. 01/11/21

I just wanted to say how impressed I was when I received my cards to quickly, and to thank you, they all arrived.  All packed beautifully. I congratulate you on the very efficient way you run your business.

A.M. 09/01/21

Many thanks for excellent service - cards received this morning.  

J.M.F. 10/01/21

Just a little note to say thank you for the lovely cards that I purchased from you at Orchard Cards, they are lovely, good quality and very well priced, I am so pleased with them.

R.P. 12/01/21

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your beautiful cards.  When they arrived within 2 days of ordering, the cards I chose from your website were even better quality than they looked on screen.  I will certainly be ordering more from you in the future.

M.P. 12/01/21

I have just received my latest order from you which I only placed yesterday so thank you very much.  It is the second order I have placed with you and I wanted you to know how pleased I am with your swift and efficient service.  The cards are very good quality and I am so grateful to have discovered you.

A.G. 13/01/21

Wow, you are efficient, next day delivery with the postman and beautiful cards. 

J.H. 13/01/21

Half an hour ago I received the cards which I ordered 23 hours earlier!  I am delighted with the cards and astonished at the speed of delivery, especially with the challenges facing Royal Mail at the moment.  Ordering from your company has been a pleasure.  Thank you for providing such an efficient service.

A.F. 13/01/21

Amazing, the lovely cards have just arrived! Thank you very much.

D.E. 13/01/21

Just to say “thank you” for the fantastic service. My cards arrived today and I am thrilled with them.

Y.E. 14/01/21

Thank you for the lovely cards i have just received,  Brilliant service will be ordering more

M.H. 14/01/21

Thank you for extremely prompt and well-packed delivery - I am delighted with the cards. Excellent service, I’ll be back again soon!

J.S. 14/01/21

Received my selection of cards yesterday.  A extremely quick arrival.  Thank you very much.  I am very pleased

S.C. 14/01/21

I just wanted to thank you for the lovely cards that I ordered only yesterday and received, in perfect   condition, beautifully packed, today.  Marvellous service, thank you.

K.H. 15/01/21

Hi - cards received this morning - delighted and will certainly re order when appropriate.

A.F. 15/01/21

Order received this morning, less than 24 hours since I ordered!  Many thanks.

P.S. 17/01/21

I put an order in to you on Friday and received it yesterday. The cards are great and how easy to buy my birthday cards this way.  I am an oldie and although I have a fancy phone and iPad I still like to send a “proper” card.  I will be telling all my friends about your site and your service. 

L.C. 19/01/21

Thank you for your prompt response to my order placed on Sunday evening.  The package arrived today (Tuesday lunch time) in a neat stiff-cardboard envelope.  I would definitely recommend your company.

C.W. 20/01/21

Thank you Orchard for such wonderful service, I ordered yesterday afternoon and received my order this morning, that is good going by most standards. Well Done and thank you again

S.R. 20/01/21

Thank you Orchard for such wonderful service, I ordered yesterday afternoon and received my order this morning, that is good going by most standards. Well Done and thank you again

S.F. 21/01/21

Thank you, you are really a great bunch of super efficient people My order arrived within 3 days. Brilliant.

J.S. 22/01/21

Thank you for the lovely cards which arrived yesterday

J.S. 22/01/21

The cards have just arrived this morning. As usual, they are all beautiful and of extremely good quality.  Thank you for being there for me when I have been unable to leave home since March.

C.G. 23/01/21

Thank you very much for  a very quick delivery.  My cards have arrived this morning.  Good quality and  good service

M.Y. 26/01/21

Thank you once again, arrived today & all the cards I chose are perfect.

M.P. 27/01/21

My order has just arrived!  Thank you for such prompt delivery and also, of course, lovely cards.  I am so pleased I found your company last year.

S.A. 27/01/21

I would just like to thank you very much for the superb selection of cards I have from you, latest received today. The service is so prompt and efficient. This has been a brilliant service over the last few months when shopping has been so difficult. 

J.V.A. 30/01/21

Thank you so much for very prompt delivery of my card order; excellent service.

J.P. 31/01/21

Thank you for sending out those beautiful cards so promptly.

A.C. 02/02/21

Cards received today - many thanks. I’m impressed by your great website and very slick operation. Well done.

L.E. 02/02/21

Delighted again with my cards which have just arrived - what prompt service too!

A.H. 04/02/21

I just wanted to say thank you for the cards I ordered from you and for your excellent service!   I had looked at several online companies for cards since this last lockdown but hadn't been satisfied with any of them. I am so pleased with the quality and range of your cards and for your amazing service. I ordered the cards yesterday and they arrived this morning. I wasn't expecting such  a prompt service!

J.F. 04/02/21

Just to say that my cards have arrived; you are very efficient even in these challenging times.  I appreciate that you change your range of cards regularly.

C.B. 05/02/21

Just to say many thanks for the speedy delivery of my order. I love the cards. They are just what I wanted - look even better than the picture on your site!

S.D. 09/02/21

I would just to say a massive thank you for your excellent service and the high quality of the cards I received today.

S.C. 09/02/21

I don’t usually give reviews or comments, but I am really pleased with the cards you have sent me.
They are attractive and good quality.   I was really looking to give a  five star review - but could not find where. So I  will just say thank you.

E.D. 09/02/21

Hello. These cards are perfect. Original designs and lovely quality. Much appreciated.

J.H. 09/02/21

Thank you the cards arrived today and I’m thrilled with them.

H.H. 13/02/21

I placed an order yesterday and all 12 cards arrived this morning.  Lovely cards. Impressive service!

V.N. 13/02/21

Many thanks for my order received today, I am very pleased with the cards so well packed and such quick delivery.

C.N. 16/02/21

I am delighted with the quality of the cards and amazed to receive them within 24 hours of ordering.

A.W. 16/02/21

Thank you for the wonderfully prompt delivery of my greetings cards.  Impeccable service!

S.C. 17/02/21

Love the cards thank you they are really nice I will order again.

A.A. 20/02/21

Lovely company, amazing service. My second order arrived today, SO quick. Thank you.

G.C. 27/02/21

Must say how impressive your service is... ordered cards yesterday and arrived today!  Thanks to you and Royal Mail!!!

H.D. 08/03/21

The cards were ordered on Friday afternoon and arrived Saturday lunchtime. What good service! Thank you.

B.H. 09/03/21

Thank you so much!  The cards arrived this morning- an excellent service!  I have recommended your cards and service to many friends!

G.S.S. 10/03/21

Cards arrived this morning super service.

D.D. 11/03/21

Once again you have excelled.   I was only looking through your card selection yesterday lunchtime and by lunchtime today the cards were with me.   Thank you for your beautiful cards and such prompt service.  

S.F. 13/03/21

Thank you yet again, brilliant service.

Y.N. 13/03/21

Just to say thank you for my order - and I am so pleased that almost all of them have no plastic wrapping!

J.H. 16/03/21

Such a quick service and such beautiful, fabulously priced cards and postage.

J.E.G. 18/03/21

Just to let you know that this order arrived amazingly quickly and I am delighted.

L.E. 24/03/21

Such prompt service and cards received in perfect condition as usual. Am delighted yet again!

J.S. 24/03/21

My cards were delivered safely this morning and, as usual, they are beautiful and of very high quality.  Thank you for your excellent service.

A.D. 27/03/21

Hello, my cards have arrived, & I'm very pleased with them.

P.S. 27/03/21

Thank you very much for my package from you.  It came so quickly and well packed.  

T.B. 09/04/21

Thank you for the rapid completion of my order and very prompt delivery. In addition to that, the cards are beautifully illustrated and will be very welcome greetings.  Many thanks for excellent service.

P.G. 13/04/21

Just wanted to say a BIG thankyou for the excellent service.  The cards seemed to arrive almost before I had decided which of your very large and interesting stock I was going to choose!  This is my second order and I will certainly use again - and recommend to any friends unable to reach the shops.

K.H. 15/05/21

I received my lovely cards today, they are beautiful.  You provide excellent service from start to finish. I will order again - and again.

J.E. 05/06/21

Thank you for the most delightful cards which I received today. The quality of all the cards is outstanding and it is so easy to peruse the selection on line.

B.H. 08/06/21

Thanks again for  your very prompt response and I am pleased to report the cards have just arrived.

J.H. 19/06/21

Received card today, really pleased and surprised it came so quickly, thank-you.

M.C. 13/07/21

Thank you so much for the superfast delivery of the cards I ordered. I will certainly recommend your website to others.

P.G. 13/07/21

I am amazed.  I ordered these cards late yesterday afternoon and they were here by 11 o'clock this morning.  How do you do that?!  The cards are lovely and should please the people to whom they are sent.  Thank you so much for such efficient service. 

L.E. 28/07/21

Just to say thank you yet again for the prompt delivery of my lovely cards. Am delighted with them all, as usual, and especially the Sarah Kelleher ones which I haven’t come across before. 

A.C. 14/08/21

All the cards arrived safely yesterday thank you. They are lovely, very pleased with them.

D.D. 26/08/21

May l take this opportunity, once again, to thank you for your beautiful cards.  I only ordered them yesterday morning and they have arrived!

V.G. 11/09/21

I have just received my first order.  Thank you so much for your excellent, swift service.  The cards are beautiful and of a very high quality.

J.H. 17/09/21

Many thanks for an excellent service, my order arrived today. We are still giggling at one of the funny cards.

B.J. 19/09/21

Just a quick note to thank you so much for your recent batch of cards - excellent quality cards as always and unbelievable speed of delivery!

L.R. 29/09/21

Just want to say that your service is magnificent.  I ordered cards yesterday and they’ve arrived today.  And they are such a great selection and very well priced.  I am speechless.  Thank you so much.


C.E. 04/10/21

 A quick mail just to say I 've just received my cards. Thank you ! They are perfect as always.

S. 09/10/21

Lovely selection of cards and very prompt delivery. I started using this website during lockdown but will continue to do so as I love the choice offered.

J.H. 09/10/21

Thank you once again for a prompt order, love the vegan one, I have been vegan for 40 + years , my neighbour has just gone vegan , so he will love the birthday card.

D.E. 09/10/21

Hi, First visit since you upgraded [the website] - excellent.

J.H. 22/10/21

What an efficient service your company provides.  I ordered the cards yesterday and they were delivered today.

A.S. 26/10/21

Just want to say how delighted I am with your updated checkout. Much, much easier for daft old ladies like me to use! I really love you range of cards and am so happy to find how smoothly the transaction goes now. Thank you so much.