Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being charged for postage when I have ordered 12 or more cards?

You must also have a larger item e.g. an advent calendar in your order. Unfortunately we aren't able to offer free postage on these orders as the shape and size of the packet makes them much more expensive to post.

I can't login

Click on the "eye" icon to reveal whether you have made a mistake in your password.  Consider resetting your password (see below) if it still doesn't work.  Please do call us if you continue to struggle.

I've forgotten my password

Go to the "Login" screen (top right corner) and click on the "Forgot Your Password" link at the bottom of the "Sign In" box. An email will be sent to your registered email address immediately.

When you receive the email, click on the green button within it and set up a new password.

IMPORTANT - please do not use the password reset button more than once at a time.  If the reset email is proving slow to arrive, please check in your "spam" folder or phone us.  Clicking on the reset button multiple times will cause reset links already issued to expire before you can use them.

I'm not sure if I have completed my order successfully

Check your inbox to see if you have received an order confirmation email from us.  If you cannot find this email in your inbox, please also check your "spam" filter.

Alternatively, log back in to, using your email address and password, and check your order history (go to "My account" followed by "My Orders"). Can you see the order in question?  If the order status appears as "Processing" or "Sent", then it has gone through successfully.

If you cannot see the order (and there are still items in your shopping basket) or it appears only as "Order cancelled" or "Order submitted", then it has not completed successfully.   Please try to order again online, or telephone us on 01948 770318 if you're having difficulties.

The payment process seemed to stall whilst I was navigating through it

It is unlikely that your payment has completed successfully. Please refer to the question above to find out how to check whether your order has been successful or not.   Please do telephone us if you would prefer to make the order by phone, rather than trying again online.

How do the Loyalty Points work?

Customers who register and place an order with will automatically receive Loyalty Points on the value of their purchase. You will receive 5 points for every £1 you spend - and each point is worth 1p off a future order. This is equivalent to a 5% loyalty discount.

To check your Loyalty Points balance, please log in to your account, The balance will be displayed in "My Account" > "My Loyalty Points" AND near the bottom of the "Summary" section of the "Shopping Basket" page. You can decide whether to use your Loyalty Points each time you order, or to allow them to accumulate over time to generate a larger discount against one particular order.

To spend some or all of your Loyalty Points, type the number of points you wish to redeem against your current order into the box in the "Summary" section of the Shopping Basket page, and click the "Apply Points" button. If you enter more Points than are required to cover the cost of your current order, don't worry - the system will only deduct the amount required from your balance, and the remainder will be re-credited to your account.

Please note:
1. Loyalty Points can be used to cover our delivery charges.
2. The Points cannot be transferred to another account, and they have no cash value beyond the discount off your subsequent orders.
3. If you place an order, receive Loyalty Points and then subsequently return goods for refund (for whatever reason), your Loyalty Points balance will be reduced appropriately.

Am I too late to make an order for dispatch today?

We do our best to dispatch all orders received before 3pm on a working day on the same day.  Orders received after 3pm or at the weekend or public holiday will be dispatched on the next working day.  However we do reserve the right to change these arrangements if we have good reason to do so.

My order has not arrived

During the busy pre-Christmas period, we would ask you to wait at least one full week before contacting us about a missing order.  Please do make enquiries with your local Delivery Office.  If the packet is too large to fit through your letter box (e.g. advent calendars) it may have been taken back to the Delivery Office for safe-keeping.  In these circumstances a "while you were out" card should be left informing you about this, however we find that occasionally this is over-looked, and the packet is eventually returned to us marked "Not called for" without the customer ever having known that delivery had been attempted.

if you order was a Large Letter or a Parcel, there should be a Delivery Confirmation Tracking number associated with it on your Shipped Email. You can visit and see if delivery has been attempted yet. If it was a small order of one or two cards then it's likely to have been sent First Class with no Delivery Confirmation scan. The number can also be found in your account online, login, go to My Orders. View Order, Track your order should allow you to copy the number which you can paste into the Royal Mail tracking.

What is Orchard Cards' environmental policy?

We're trying to be as "green" as we can.  Nearly all our stock is manufactured  in the UK and we try very hard to source cards produced with sustainably-managed, recycled and biodegradeable materials.  We are actively lobbying our suppliers to reduce the use of plastics including glitter, and we're delighted to say that many of our cards are now packaged without cellophane wrapping.

How does Orchard Cards use my personal information?

Your personal details are stored on a secure server.  We ONLY use your name, address, email and telephone number, if provided, to process orders and to contact you on matters relating to Orchard Cards.  We will NEVER reveal, rent or sell your personal information to a third party (except in connection with an Orchard Cards transaction e.g. to enable our credit card processor to cross-check your address).  We keep no paper record of your personal details, except in relation to one-off correspondence.

What precautions does Orchard Cards take to make shopping on its website safe?

We operate a secure website i.e. the connection to our server (where our databases are held) is encrypted. This is verified by our valid security certificate, issued by Geotrust.

For additional assurance, please view our website from the secure address (note the extra "s" after the more usual "http"). A "padlock" icon should appear to one side of the address box. Hover your mouse over the padlock for additional security information. All aspects of payment are handled by Braintree, a subsidiary of Paypal.  We do not EVER store, input or even see your credit card details, (except, in the latter case, if you make an order by telephone).

What general precautions can I take to protect myself when shopping on the internet?

We suggest you visit the website of the National Cyber Security Centre at  It is a helpful source of advice about protecting youself when shopping online.

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