Cookies & Privacy


What are cookies and why do we use them?

We use cookies to enhance your experience using our website, as almost all websites do today. Cookies are small text files that store information on your computer for a variety of functions.

We use cookies to:

  • Keep the website running as you'd expect (for example keeping you logged in as you browse different webpages, and storing shopping cart contents).
  • Remember which pages or items you have visited, so we can show you personalised content.
  • Let you share things you like on your social networks.

Cookies also help us evaluate our website. Knowing visitor levels, what device our visitors are using, which products people like the best and buy the most, social networks shares and how people have found us (search engines and links for example) helps us to make the website better for us and for you!

We will never use cookies to:

  • Store your personal information.
  • Pass on your personal information to third parties.

Types of cookies and what we use each type for:

  • First Party: These are cookies set by us and only usable by us. They are the ones that keep you logged in during a browsing session, and help us enhance your user experience.
  • Third Party: These are cookies set by third parties that we use. The only third party cookies used by Orchard Cards are for evaluating our website (we use Google Analytics for this), and those that allow you to share things on your social media sites.
  • Session Cookies: These are temporary cookies that are deleted when you close your browser. These are the ones that keep you logged in as you browse from page to page.
  • Persistant Cookies: These are stored on your device for a fixed period of time. We use this to remember your preferences to show you personalized content and offers, as well as remembering your log in or payment details for your next visit, if you specifically tell us you want us to.

If you still don't want us to use cookies, that's fine (although the site will no longer work as you would expect).  Here's some information on how to disable them:

  • Mozilla Firefox: Click on the three dashes icon in the top right corner of your Firefox browser. Scroll down to choose 'Settings' then 'Privacy & Security' and select your preference from the range of options.
  • Safari on iPhone or iPad: Go into 'Settings' on your phone/tablet, then select 'Safari' and scroll down to 'Privacy & Security' where you can choose to block all cookies.
  • Microsoft Edge: Click the the three little dots in the top right corner of the Edge browser and select 'Settings', then 'Cookies and site permissions' to set your preferences as you wish.
  • Google Chrome: Click the three little dots in the top right corner of the Chrome browser, the choose 'Settings' followed by 'Privacy & Security'.  Click on 'Cookies and other site data' to choose your preferred options.